Silver Judaica - Pure Sacred Objects

Beautiful handcrafted vases, wine decanters and candle holders all with an antique finish, and prices can be quite high, wondering why?

This is because antique Judaica is expensive but replicas sell like hot cakes all over the world. Although Judaica is made in gold, silver and bronze, copper with an inlay of precious stones, pure silver has been the most common material for the creation of Judaica. The range of religious products are usually Besamim, wine decanters, candlesticks, Etrong boxes, Hanukahs, honey dishes, jewelry, sculptures, Yad torah pointers, liquor cups, menorahs, Mezuzzot and many other items of both utility and decoration.

With a variety of religious products associated with the Jewish religion, silver can be molded to fulfill the specific requirements as it is one of the most precious metals, and has been widely used for its versatility and eye-catching look. The Judaica art has been long associated with filigree work and special technique of hammering out of designs in order to craft beautiful, intricate designs.

So what is Judaica?

Collective term given to any product, religious article or even piece of literature known to be related to the Jewish religion is known as Judaica. Pieces are always in great demand as the religion has spread its wings globally. The main center is still in Jeruselum but followers reside in all of the world’s countries. The demand is sometimes due to its scared nature, although there are some whom collect it as a hobby.

Usually the artifacts and antiques date back to between the 16th and 19th centuries, most of which are in private collections worldwide. This is highly appreciated and in great demand while such objects have been created with delicate filigree work, and are hammered out silver designs which. It is a highly skilled art-form and requires a great deal of expertise. Some of the craftsmen who create these exquisite pieces of art have been doing so for centuries, passing down the craft from one generation to the next.

Judaica can be purchased over the internet and in stores across the world. Although there are shops that claim to sell genuine silver, you should always choose those who have carved a name for themselves. Alternatively, purchase the products which have been checked by an authority on antiques or silver. Reputed vendors will always have returns policies and will usually give a satisfaction guarantee on the products sold.

Anita Satin Choudhary writes for Rokfor Fine arts collection, Rokfor has been an Asian antique collector for many years, he specializes in mammoth ivory and Japanese netsuke

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