Why do the Jews wear yarmulkes (kippot)?

Yarmulkes (or Kippot) are head-coverings, also known as beanies. One who wears a Yarmulke is in effect saying that reality does not begin with me—there is something above, a Higher Power. Hence its name, “yarmulke,” which is a contraction of “yarei malka,” which means awe of the King. It is a symbol of humility and submission to the Divine.

Technically, you can use anything to cover your head—baseball cap, pillowcase, etc. Even those who don’t wear a yarmulke all the time, will generally wear it when praying or studying Torah.

It is also known as “Kippah”, which means “dome”.

Source: http://www.askmoses.com/article.html?h=536&o=517

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